Reviews of "Here"

Nelson’s graceful playing is subtle and full of nuance, understated and respectful of the tune, not just out on it’s own agenda
— David Malachowski, Daily Freeman
A stellar break-out recording that is worth the wait.
— Greg Haymes, Nippertown
It is easy on the ear as Todd plays with feel rather than flash and the melody is never too far away.
— Alan Taylor, Pipeline Magazine
And the groove rarely stops on Here, though it is nicely varied. “Wheels across Sonoma” recalls music from one of the Pat Metheny Groupʼs best albums, the soaring travelogue American Garage: You get the sensation of hot wind blowing through the sunroof as your car cruises through the Mexican countryside, maybe on the way to California.”
— J. Hunter,
Nelson impresses without ever showboating; while more nimble-fingered than most axslingers (at times bringing to mind such heavyweights as Bill Frisell and John Scofield), his guitar lines hew mindfully to the emotional intent of each composition, and he is always sure to leave plenty of space for both the melody and his rhythm section...
— Mike Hotter, Metroland Magazine